More about me and my business

Hello readers,

This is my first ever blog and I extend my warm welcome to all my readers. Hope and wish you all are having a lovely summer.

In this blog, I wish to share more about me, how my hobby became a passion, and also i would like to highlight the current trend in handmade jewelry. 

I'm a software engineer and was working in one of the leading IT firms in India, but  USA life shattered my career as i fell in "privileged" H4 category after accompanying my husband to US for his job. So, now i'm a forced home maker. When i was a kid, like all other kids, i also dreamt of having a wonderful career when i grow up. I felt lucky when i got placed in a top software giant and i started shaping my career(nevertheless i was not lucky enough to have good managers), but that dint last long. Being a women, life takes a turn after taking big step in life -"Wedding", which doesn't end up with happy ending for everyone in their professional career. My career fell in that "happy ending". At this moment, i will proudly say that god gifted me with understanding husband, who is my moral support, and beautiful kids. Though i got a wonderful family, my career was shattered after wedding and relocation, but i was somewhat satisfied because i was still holding on to my job, but taking a life changing decision of accompanying my husband, as spouse, to US for his project/career brought my career to an end as a software professional. H4 visa is a CURSE which has spoiled the careers of so many women..

Had a great time during my initial days in US as i always had a dream of leading a life in the "dream land" USA ( understood late that all that glitters is not gold ). By the time i realized , my career was already screwed up. "What next??" - This was the question that was literally killing me for years.... till i got a spark in my mind to start doing something which i know i will enjoy and.... VOILA!!! Its none other than making hand made jewelry. Special thanks to my husband, who instantly said "Try it", and my parents who supported me by accompanying me to shops to buy raw materials, to kick-start my(saying "my" always includes my husband as he is my backbone)new business and website "".

Starting a business in totally new domain is not easy at all. Had hectic initial days of jewelry making as I started from scratch. All I had with me was "my efforts" and encouraging words and support from my husband. Thank you dear and I love you.

I love every jewelry i make and i never get satisfied till my mind says the jewelry is looking great. I make sure i get high quality raw materials and do my best to create new designs and according to me, customer satisfaction is important than anything else. I took up jewelry making as my hobby to kill time, but now it has become my passion. I give my best when making the hand made jewelry. Silk thread handmade jewelry is hot trend these days because of their splendid and colorfull look. Also, being able to create/customize in any color and design is the main reason for its reach.

more details.... coming soon

Latest additions to my jewelry collection are premium quality imitation and oxidized jewelry sets. Utmost care is given while selecting the perfect jewelry designs. Hope you like our collection